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As a Partnership, we strive to be Learner Centered in our delivery and our existence. We have a Walk-In Centre that provides career counseling and advice to learners. We also have a Learner Orientation Programme that enables the Learner to understand their learning path, both personally and professionally. We strive to ensure that learners receive the best educational opportunities by assisting our Partners to get registered and accredited with the South African Qualifications Authority.

As a Partnership we seek to provide a quality service in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands region. We offer Capacity Building for our Partners by coordinating workshops, based on the criteria for Registration and Accreditation. We provide training in essential skills such as Fundraising, Entrepreneurship, Procuring and Managing Contracts. We also offer 'Help Desk' Facilities for Partners and we provide facilitation for Team Building, Strategic Planning and Evaluations.

In addition to the above, the iNdlovu Partnership Support Service Team provides a valuable service to the business community, by facilitating access to information about Partners through our database. Our database also has the capacity to track the learning paths of all Learners who are trained through our ever-increasing number of partners.