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15th Edition - January 2006

The Partner-Ring

15th Edition, January 2006
We have been doing a lot of thinking about the format and purpose of the Peer Review over the past months.  The Midlands region is currently experiencing a development boom creating opportunities for us to really begin to address education and training needs. Thus, the focus of the Peer Review this year is to ask how each of our members, both individually and in relation to the Partnership, is meeting these needs in 2006.

If we are to look at the Partnership as a thread running through the educational needs of the region, on the one side will be the impact you the Partners can make in meeting these needs and on the other will be the growth this brings to the Partners and Partnership.


Flowchart: Alternate Process: Impact
and contribution iN Partners make to meeting needs in the region.
Flowchart: Alternate Process: iNPLL focusing on NEW INITIATIVES LOP 
Linking in to 
discussions around alternative approaches to work experience 
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Resources and benefits to Partners and extent to which being a partner enables them to contribute to meeting the education needs of the region.








Given that we feel the Partnership should be focusing on new initiatives to strengthen your capacity to meet the educational needs of the regions, our three primary initiatives this year will be as follows:

1.         To develop teams to deliver training and support for the key focus areas of the GEDI. These are:

    • Land tenure
    • Housing and Services
    • Health
    • Skills/training/attitudes and knowledge
    • Food security/land for productive use
    • Environment
    • Economy
    • Crime, violence and drug abuse
2. Linking in particular to the skills/ training/attitudes and knowledge with a youth focus and picking up on an initiative with the PCB around work experience for school goers in using the LOP.
3. To get the LOC really working for the wider community in this region.

Using this as our basis, and from the responses received to the Resource Questionnaire circulated in December, we have decided to conduct the Peer Review as a one on one interview to be conducted by the Board Members.  Questions to be considered will include:

  1. Has your organisation made a contribution in one or more of the GEDI focus areas?
  2. If so, how did you achieve this?
  3. Are you aware of any contribution this made to the partnership?
  4. Did the partnership help you in this work in any way?
  5. What was your greatest disappointment or the greatest obstacle that you faced this year?
  6. What was your greatest achievement/milestone this year?
  7. What difference did you see in the partnership this year?
  8. Is this a strength or a weakness? Why?
Welcome back everybody and I trust that you all had a good break.  I just wanted to remind Partners to take five minutes to complete the Resource Questionnaire circulated in December.  I will be phoning next week to chase those still outstanding.


Suzanne Clulow
Keep Partner-RING