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23rd Edition - October 2006 (Page 1)

The Partner-Ring

23rd Edition, October 2006


Cloud Callout: STOP PRESS!

Come and join us for tea, muffins and a chat at our Open Board Meeting on Tuesday 7th November at 3:30pm at Tembaletu.  This is your chance to share your thoughts and ideas and interact with the Board so please join us – all Partners are welcome!  This meeting will serve as our Partner Meeting for the year.


Debbie Perry is trying to pull together a group of 10 people to undergo assessor training under the auspices of the Business Studies Unit of DIT, with herself as the facilitator. The proposed dates are 30, 31 October and 01 November for the contact training, followed by an additional "touchdown" day, to be decided by the group, where we assist with the portfolio process for those who wish to attend. The cost is R3800.00 if we get 10 people, R4250.00 for a smaller group.  Interested Partners should contact Debbie directly on hilltop@nitrosoft.co.za or 083 2359157
GOD’S GOLDEN ACRE recently ran an LOP course.  Here’s what they had to say about the experience:
Day One
The first day of the LOP was not as hard as we expected.  We had learners between the

ages of 18-26.   This LOP workshop helped us a lot as facilitators dealing with different learners with different lives, beliefs, age, status, and emotions. It was a mutually beneficial experience for the learners and facilitators. The learners who had a lack of belief in themselves learned a lot about how to cope with different situations at this point in their lives.

Day Two
Through our games indoors and outdoors, learners gained an understanding about the different roles as leaders, followers, and as a team. This day developed our learner’s sense of trust, sensitivity, awareness, commitment, and tolerance of others.  The youth preferred this LOP the most because this program planted the seeds of trust, self-esteem, encouragement, and awareness.
Day Three

The world of work map greatly helped our learners to understand the multiple aspects they need to consider for any one occupation. This also gives them a clear direction of future planning.  One of the key concepts we communicated to our learners was the difference between a job and work. Our learners were able to see that work, unlike a job, can benefit us in many ways. Although we may not have the jobs, we still have much work to do in our communities.

Day Four
Role models were brought in to speak to the learners. They helped by providing examples for the learners of people who had been able to achieve their goals and preferred occupations. The story of their career paths helped our learners to give a context to their own future planning.
Day Five
The LOP is useful because we develop our communities with what we can.  Our learners wrote their own feedback to us, as facilitators. One comment from a learner was, “This useful program shouldn’t stop, but grow up and be given more opportunities.”  Feedback from the learners gave us clarity regarding the personal growth and development our learners gained in trust, self-esteem, and the other qualities that the LOP focused on.

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Thank you for giving us a chance to participate as facilitators. It has given us a chance to give warmth to those reachable and in need.


TEMBALETU is hosting a Financial Training for Treasurers and Governing Body Members facilitated by CMDS.  Details are below:

Governing body members are collectively responsible for the overall direction and management of a non-profit organisation ("NPO") and for its financial well-being. However, many Treasurers, and other governing body members, feel ill-equipped to address fully the financial responsibilities that they carry. This often results in over-reliance on the guidance and judgment of particular individuals, or on the executive director and staff.

CMDS is, therefore, offering an introductory half-day workshop to:

Clarify the legal financial responsibilities of the NPO Boards and the role and responsibilities of Treasurers in particular.

Date:                          3 November 2006
Time:                           09h00 to13h00
Venue:  Tembaletu Community
  Education Centre, 206
  Burger Street,
Workshop cost: R 485 (including VAT and
  light refreshments)

Who should attend?    

Treasurers, other governing body members who want to understand their financial responsibilities, executive directors.

If you would like to book one of the limited number of places on the introductory workshop, please request a registration form from Vuyo and Felicity (email: cmds@cmds.org.za) or contact them on (021) 797 6226 if you require any further information.

We look forward to seeing you and send good wishes from all the team at CMDS.

Cathy and Paul
C.  Masters Development Services cc Accounting for Management and Development in the non-profit sector.
Tel: (021)797 6226
Fax: (021)761 0774
Email: cmds@cmds.org.za
Website: www.cmds.org.za
Well that’s all for now folks ….
Keep Partner-RING
Suzanne Clulow
Office Coordinator