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Education And Training

Agriculture and Nature Conservation
Primary and Secondary Agriculture, Small Scale Farming, Gardening, Fruit Production, Poultry Production and Management, Dairy Management, Pig Farming, Forestry Skills, Animal Husbandry, Environmental Education and Bee Keeping

Culture and Arts
Fashion Design, Garment Making, Traditional Beadwork and Attire, Pottery, Curtain Making and other hobby courses.

Business, Commerce and Management Studies
Entrepreneurship, Business Skills, Organizational Development, Administrative Skills, Typing and Computer Skills, Job Readiness and Human Resource Development and Management

Communication Studies and Language
Language Skills for Life and the Workplace, Business Communication, Zulu Levels 1 - 2, English Levels 1 - 4

Education, Training and Development
Life Skills, Basic Literacy, Basic Numeracy, ABET Educator Training, ABET Mother Tongue, ABET English, Participatory Development Certificate in Education, Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education.

Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology
Engineering Studies, Motor Mechanics, Building Construction, Welding, Electrical, Block Making, Woodwork and Carpentry

Health Sciences and Social Services
Primary Health Care, HIV/AIDS Education and Counseling, Emergency Care and Basic Life Support, Short Term Infant Care, Bereavement Counseling and Care, Home Based Care, First Aid, Empowerment of Youth, Gender Violence Gender Equality and Awareness Building

Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences
Matric Maths and Science Recovery Programme, Complementary Maths and Science, Information Technology, Computer Skills/Literacy

Hospitality Reception, Food and Beverage Services, Catering and Tourism Guiding